March Missal

Morning all. Greetings from the sea front at Deal, where we (Faustus) have been hold up for the night prior to our foray into the hinterlands of Norfolk. We’re in the middle of a lovely tour, in which the majority of gigs have been sold out or at least packed full. In between gigs I’ve been haring down to the Central School of Speech and Drama in Swiss Cottage, for rehearsals of As You Like It. As well as setting the songs to new music, and performing on stage, for the first time since my youth I will have a speaking role, albeit two lines. Might this be the start of a new career path?

In my spare moments I’ve been putting the finishing touches to the Bellowhead Songbook, shortly to be published by Faber Music in celebration of the band’s tenth anniversary. And I’m about half way through editing a collection of music from World War One, for use by Super Act in their community project, The Last Post.  The extensive research for this project has been an experience both fascinating and salutary. Recording work has begun on Made in the Great War, a show based around a violin crafted during the period, which is due to tour in September. In the meantime Belshazzar’s Feast will be touring in May, in celebration of twenty years of mayhem and mischief, and earnestly flogging our new live album, ‘The Whiting’s on the Wall’.
Now, though, it’s off to the shops. And thence, armed with a Guardian and a packet of ibuprofen, to the warm and welcoming bosom of Norfolk.