Wish You Were Here

I’m at the seaside, down at sunny Sidmouth for the Folk Week, and if I said I wish you were here, I wouldn’t really mean it, I’m afraid. In between quality family time (i.e. constantly feeding hungry offspring and spending a small fortune) there’s been so much to see and do. Highlights include the annual Jig Competition, and annual face-off between Hammersmith and Great Western Morris. The Andover Museum Loft Singers sang their first full-length concert on the opening night, to great praise; Hutch and I have been playing for Playford-style workshops and dances; still to go, the Playford Ball, and final spot of final concert with Faustus. Plus still time for more pasties/fish and chips/generally beige food…

There’s been some time to keep on top of my forthcoming community choirs book for Faber Music, and, as you can see, to update websites. Also to prepare for the remaining summer gigs, and swathe of autumn tours and attendant music, publicity, etc. – all gigs are now on the Live Dates page.

That’s all for now – just a brief postcard. Off to see the Funky World Band, to stock up on holiday food carbs, then slip into my gown for tonight’s Ball. Wish you were here – not.

Sidmouth 2015